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Why CitySwitch?

Online business is all about growth. More customers inevitably leads to an increase in the flow of goods. How do you keep that under control in the inner city? How can you optimally arrange Last Mile Logistics, without making concessions in functionality, sustainability and quality of life? CitySwitch creates new routes in city logistics: green, safe and efficient.

Ideal hub for city logistics

Hoe kun je goederenvervoer van en naar de stad zo efficiënt mogelijk organiseren? En hoe kun je tegelijkertijd verduurzaming
stimuleren? Op beide vragen biedt CitySwitch antwoord. CitySwitch realiseert strategisch gelegen logistieke hubs aan de rand van de stad. Iedere hub bestaat uit twee tot acht units die volledig zijn ingericht op de overslag van trucks naar elektrische
bestelbussen en cargo bikes. Zo zorgt CitySwitch voor een ideale uitvalsbasis om de stad te bedienen.

What is a CitySwitch unit?

CitySwitch is a sustainable distribution centre for city logistics. Each user has their own unit. Depending on the location, two or four units are combined in a building. CitySwitch was developed for the transhipment of goods from truck to electric (delivery)van or bicycle. The goods are then transported to their final destination in the city. Heavy goods vehicles are banned from the city centre. This is not only good for the living environment and road safety, but also helps to optimise logistics flows. A unique feature is the spacious layout of the site with an eye for safety, in which traffic flows are separated, also for employees. Trucks dock on the short side of a unit, delivery vans and cargo bikes on the long side.


CitySwitch is built circularly: the steel structure can be taken apart and materials can be reused at the end of the life cycle. The building, the terrace and the grounds literally turn green with trees and plants. Especially for Last Mile Logistics there is an electric charging infrastructure, with which CitySwitch pre-sorts for Zero Emission City Logistics. A sustainable transhipment point from 'large & grey' to 'small & green'. CitySwitch was developed with the environment in mind and with attention to people. This is how we build a green future. 

What makes CitySwitch unique?

CitySwitch is an intricate network of logistics hubs in the largest cities in the country. Each unit of a hub comprises approx. 1500 m² GFA business space. In addition, for each unit, approx. 240 m² is delivered as a shell, suitable for office, canteen or changing room, for example. This efficient scale is unique, since urban distribution centres are usually much larger. Small locations with a large impact in Last Mile Logistics: that's what makes CitySwitch unique!
CitySwitch also has a distinctive look, because around each hub we create our own green environment with a pleasant outdoor space including a terrace. The result is a stimulating working environment close to the city, with a design that contributes to fi nding and retaining motivated staff.

1. Strategic locations on the outskirts of the city

2. Professional logistics units of approx. 1500 m²

3. Loading docks for both trucks and delivery vans

4. Plenty of parking facilities, designed with on-site safety in mind

Fully electric power supply, with extensive charging infrastructure

CitySwitch is a well thought out concept. Anticipating the great need for sustainable city logistics, new hubs are constantly being built at the largest cities in the Netherlands. A unit is therefore quickly available.

'CitySwitch makes Last Mile Logistics sustainable and efficient'

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CitySwitch was developed for companies that literally want to be close to their customers, but do not want to set up their own logistics centre. Typical for every hub is the convenient location in an easily accessible location on the outskirts of the city, or on an access road. With the electric charging infrastructure, CitySwitch makes it possible to have inner city transport with emissionfree vehicles or cargo bikes. CitySwitch not only makes an impact in Last Mile Logistics, but also helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint.


With sustainable distribution centres, CitySwitch contributes to emission-free city logistics. CitySwitch is building a national network, mainly located at 100,000+ municipalities or smaller cities with a large catchment area. CitySwitch is looking for suitable locations for its further growth. Every location is a base for Last Mile Logistics, so a favourable location in relation to the city centre and the motorway is a must. A plot is at least 12,500 m² in size. Landowners with suitable plots are invited to contact us.


A city is a dynamic place where living, working and recreation come together. The number of transport movements is only increasing and that puts new demands on city logistics. In order to maintain a healthy and safe living environment, many cities are committed to creating lowtraffic and car-free zones. Zero Emission City Logistics is becoming the standard to make goods and services transport more sustainable. The Dutch Climate Agreement stipulates that at least 30 Dutch cities will have a Zero Emission Zone by 2025. CitySwitch helps achieve that by facilitating emission-free city distribution.